Santo California Apiana White Sage

250.00 dh

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California Apiana White Sage purifies   environments in which negative energies reign. The leaves release an intense, slightly musky and lemony aroma. It is a very powerful purifier


Why use White Sage?
  • Purifies and chases away bad energies
  • Helps relieve stress
  • Promotes relaxation and meditation
  • Repels harmful insects
  • Deodorizes the house and embellishes all the rooms with its aromas

How to burn White Sage?

  1. Light your bundle of White Sage;
  2. Let it burn for 30 to 60 seconds, while a thick smoke forms. The longer you leave it on, the denser the smoke will be, and the more powerful its action will be.
  3. Shake the bundle to extinguish the flame and diffuse the smoke. To purify your stones, it will be enough simply to pass them in the smoke;
  4. Turn off the bundle and ventilate your interior for at least 15 minutes.